'Apart from being a wonderful artist and capturing everyone's likeness amazingly well, Jane has provided a really meaningful activity on the ward. Patients always engage well with Jane's endlessly kind and gentle approach.

Thank you Jane,'

Dr Rebecca Reid,

Clinical Psychologist

Garner Complex Care & Dementia Ward, Bodmin

'Dear Jane,

Thank you so much for making the mural on Garner Ward. You took a very dull piece of wall and turned it into something local, personal and interesting - as well as a colourful and attractive piece of work. Everything was great from the choice of ideas at the beginning, to the finished article.

I love how you involved everyone and how the pictures of the staff are so recognisable, even when they were just outlines. It has provided such a talking point with patients, visitors and staff.'

Dr Vicky Brown

Inpatient Old-Age Consultant Psychiatrist (Complex Care and Dementia)

'Jane Cooper (Nicholls) was our artist in residence for the Summer Term is 2012. She was commissioned to work with our pupils and create a mural in one of our courtyards.
Pencalenick is a school for pupils of secondary age with complex learning disabilities and difficulties.
Jane ran workshops with the pupils to explore the grounds and the buildings. She encouraged the pupils to make rough drawings and plan with her where they would be incorporated into the finished mural. Jane worked diligently to ensure that every child and member of the staff featured in the completed work and it is phenomenal.
Her manner with our pupils was warm and encouraging and she was not fazed by the challenges of working with our complex pupils. She showed great sensitivity towards their needs and abilities. Through careful questioning she enabled the children to achieve beautiful pieces of art which blended in with the completed piece. She was able to work with our complete range of children. Those who had a natural talent for art she pushed to create some complex larger images independently, whilst the least able completed parts of the mural with support and careful guidance. Some of our pupils had extreme and challenging behavior and Jane was able to work through this with them so that they focused on the project and completed their contribution. Everyone felt valued. Everyone experienced success. She enabled our pupils to create a lasting legacy for the school.
Jane is a ......very peaceful person to have on the team whilst she is also very focused and tenacious.'

Helen Campbell
Deputy Head

'....Jane has been a fabulous presence on the ward, involving patients who wanted to paint, giving them a fun project to work on and letting them paint what they want. 

Patients have really taken an interest and have watched the mural progress, giving everyone something to discuss. It also gives a good focal point/feature wall and hopefully will help orientate our patients.'

Adel, HCA

Truro School

     'Jane worked with me for two years as Truro School's Artist in Residence. Truro School had never offered a position like this before and she had to work very hard to show the staff the benefits and positives of this position. Jane was able to quickly settle into the position and through regular meetings with me; we were able to create a position that was beneficial to all parties especially the pupils.

She has always impressed me with her dedication and true unquenchable thirst to develop and improve as a teacher. She was quickly accepted by the pupils due to her quiet yet firm and fair manner. She worked very hard to develop the position as artist in resident in both the senior and junior school and created a wonderful body of work that focussed on the school’s history, everyday life, the buildings, drama, and mostly the pupils. She is a very talented artist who at interview stood out and was the only contender on the day.

As a member of the art department she attended all meetings, was always punctual and fully prepared and very much part of the team. She balanced being an artist and teacher very well and many of our AS and A2 students quickly improved their painting and drawing skills. She privately tutored one of our A2 students outside of class and was instrumental to him gaining an A grade. Jane was such an asset to the department that her one year contract was extended for a second year.
The school and the department were sorry to let her go but we have called on her to cover lessons. I personally loved working with her and have a huge amount of respect and admiration for her as a person and a teacher. I would strongly recommend her to any institution'

David Meads
Head of Art
Truro School