Jane worked with me for two years as Truro Schools Artist in resident. Truro School had never offered a position like this before and she had to work very hard to show the staff the benefits and positives of this position. Jane was able to quickly settle into the position and through regular meetings with me; we were able to create a position that was beneficial to all parties especially the pupils.

She has always impressed me with her dedication and true unquenchable thirst to develop and improve as a teacher. She was quickly accepted by the pupils due to her quiet yet firm and fair manner. She worked very hard to develop the position as artist in resident in both the senior and junior school and created a wonderful body of work that focussed on the school’s history, everyday life, the buildings, drama, and mostly the pupils. She is a very talented artist who at interview stood out and was the only contender on the day.

As a member of the art department she attended all meetings, was always punctual and fully prepared and very much part of the team. She balanced being an artist and teacher very well and many of our AS and A2 students quickly improved their painting and drawing skills. She privately tutored one of our A2 students outside of class and was instrumental to him gaining an A grade. Jane was such an asset to the department that her one year contract was extended for a second year.
The school and the department were sorry to let her go but we have called on her to cover lessons. I personally loved working with her and have a huge amount of respect and admiration for her as a person and a teacher. I would strongly recommend her to any institution.

David Meads
Head of Art
Truro School